Todd Mason

ToddcopyTodd Mason, a Los Angeles native, received his Masters in Composition and Ph.D. work from Juilliard, studying with David Diamond, Roger Sessions, and Elliott Carter. Mason received the Rodgers & Hammerstein Juilliard Scholarship, Juilliard's Marion Freschl Award for a composition for voice and orchestra, First Place in the American Music Teachers composition contest, First Place in the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival, and the ASCAP Young Composers award, presented by Aaron Copland. Mason is also an award-winning PBS filmmaker. Mason currently writes music for accomplished chamber groups, mostly in the L.A. area, and offers chamber music concerts in his L.A home, often premiering new works.

“Los Angeles is exploding with a vibrant new energy in music. The openness here of audiences and musicians alike to new ideas, combined with the best musicians in the world, makes this area unique and, in my opinion, at the forefront of modern music.”

Todd2“In my own music, I have a passion for distinctly thematic and harmonic material but I enjoy blending in free-form, polyphonic, atonal, and polyrhythmic ideas too.  I love the unexpected surprises when seemingly disparate elements are blended together, such as in Obliquity. This musical blending might be partly the result of studying at Juilliard with David Diamond and Elliott Carter, who embodied such different styles, but it might also be my subconscious effort to make sense of the vast array of what is considered new music today.  In any case, my primary goal is express my own voice and tell a story. My hope is to take the listener on an emotional journey and communicate in ways that only music can offer.” — Todd Mason

Layers1Mason's work has been played by The Juilliard Orchestra, The Angeles Quartet, The Argus Quartet, Sakura, The Saguaro Piano Trio, members of the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, and many top LA area chamber groups.


A partial list of works include: 

- 2 String Quartets

- Elegy for string quartet 

- The City for brass quintet

- Alterations for piano & ensemble

- Fragments for orchestra

- Sharp Objects for flute trio

- Trio Enerigico for flute trio

- Dreams for cello trio

- Synthetiks for piano, violin & cello

- Calatrava for piano, cello & clarinet

- Reflections for wind quintet

- Man & Bottle (Wallace Stevens) for mezzo-moprano and orchestra

- Symphonic Overture (winner - Lancaster Music Festival)

Todd Mason