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July 7, 2019 - Premiere of “Our Voyage” at Mount Wilson's Concerts in the Dome “Celestial Spheres.”

June 15, 2019 - Premiere of Echoes of the Heart at Sunset ChamberFest in LA.

February 9th, 2019 - The Lyris Quartet premiered Todd Mason's 2nd String Quartet.

August 26, 2018 - The Sofia Philharmonic recorded “Daybreak” for full string orchestra.

June 14-29, 2018 - Todd Mason was Composer in Residence at the Astoria Music Festival, for the 2nd year, with three premieres including “Daybreak” for string quintet and “Reflections” for wind quintet.

June 8, 2018 - Todd Mason's “La river agitée” for solo piano was premiered by the brilliant young pianist Brendan White at Boston Court.

June 3rd, 2018 - Todd Mason's “The Quest” for brass quintet was premiered at the Mount Wilson Concert in the Dome series to honor the great American astronomer George Ellery Hale.

May 26th, 2018 - Todd Mason's “The Lighthouse” for soprano and string quartet was premiered at Mason House Concerts. This piece was recently recorded by GRAMMY-winning soprano Hila Plitmann.

The centerpiece of the concert was the world premiere of Todd Mason’s The Quest, a tribute to astronomer George Ellery Hale, the observatory’s founder. The Quest was suitably heroic and action-packed, suffused with an upwelling of sunny brass that briefly subsided into a more introspective aside.”

-LA Weekly

(review from June 3, 2018, Mount Wilson Observatory Concerts in the Dome series)

Todd Mason